Escape game Captured

Company: Room Lockdown


3 Bridge Cl Romford RM7 0AU ()

01708 471 710

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Shadows dance across your face as you walk down the dark alley. It is a cold night.
Exhausted from work, you walk across an Essex industrial site towards your home.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, a hand covers your mouth. You scream, but the sound is muffled by the piece of cloth pressed tightly against your mouth.
As you try to fight back, you feel a sudden sharp blow to the back of your head. Then everything goes black...
Coming back to your senses, you discover you’re lying bound in an old abandoned warehouse, it is now apparent you are going to die here, you hear a conversation amongst 2 people and you are horrified at what is planned, they drive off leaving you there knowing when they return they will finish you off! You have 1 hour before they return to get out......Alive!

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