Escape game Wizarding School: Fang of the Serpent

Company: Breakin' Escape Rooms

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

5+ reviews


89 Holloway Rd London N7 8LT ()

+44 7484 526033

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Another year at the Wizarding School brings with it new challenges. You have been summoned by the headmaster to find a most precious artefact which has been lost for many decades.
Its whereabouts unknown, your search leads you to a mysterious part of the castle where no one has ventured in years. You feel danger lurking around every dark corner...

You and your friends must face a great evil in order to complete your mission. The monster guarding the chamber will be like nothing you’ve faced before.
Pick up your wands, remember your spells and find your courage, you will need all of them for the challenges that lie ahead!

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