Escape game Heist Plan

Company: Breakin' Escape Rooms

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5.0 / 5

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89 Holloway Rd London N7 8LT ()

+44 7484 526033

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You are a gang of street racers planning a major heist in New York City. Operation: Race Day.

The aim is to hit the five biggest banks in Manhattan in one night, under the cover of an illegal street race you'll be competing in using two of your tuned-up cars. It's daring, but it just might work.

However, word travels fast in the criminal underworld. A rival gang have broken into your garage overnight, stolen one of your cars and wrecked the other one's engine.

Now you have only one hour to repair your broken car, find your second car and steal it back, get to the starting line and finish the job. Be fast and furious in your problem-solving.

Does your crew have what it takes?

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