Escape game War on Horizon Alpha

Company: Breakin' Escape Rooms

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5.0 / 5

3 reviews


89 Holloway Rd London N7 8LT ()

+44 7484 526033

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The galaxy is in peril, trapped under the cyborg fist of the feared Alpha One faction. The imperial regime rules from the space-fortress codenamed Horizon Alpha, a terrifying superweapon with an impenetrable security system.

You are a plucky band of rebels - the best in the parsec - chosen to infiltrate the Horizon Alpha. In 60 minutes a massive rebel fleet will arrive through hyperspace and fire on the base, but you must manually deactivate the shields if this daring assault is to work.

Grab your laser-swords. Arm your blasters. Complete the mission and escape before the Horizon Alpha is reduced to atoms. Good luck, you're our only hope!

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