Escape game Exorcism[Closed]

Company: Breakout Rooms

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5.0 / 5

2 reviews


101a High St Watford WD17 2DQ ()

01923 637807

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Urban legend has it that hikers going through the Appalachian Mountain pass never return and are never seen again. You and a group of thrill seeking friends decide to take on the challenge! However you soon realise the urban legend is actually not myth after all. Upon your hike you come across an old, imposing Victorian house which seems abandoned. It starts raining and It’s getting dark so you all decide to go in for shelter. Once inside You hear the faint sound of screams. The doors suddenly close behind you. You’ve been lured in by the ghost of Mary Rose. Expel her from the property and you will win your freedom; if not you will meet the fate of your predecessors.

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