With actors The London Bridge Experience: Scare Maze

Company: The London Bridge Experience

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2-4 Tooley St London SE1 2SY ()

+44 20 7403 6333

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Become part of London’s gruesome history and travel back in time with notorious English characters including Jack the Ripper, The Head Snatcher, Sir John Rennie, William Wallace and many more. As you journey through the bridges past you will uncover the dark secrets that lie beneath the world’s most haunted bridge.
You will see, hear and smell what London Bridge was like throughout the ages.
London Bridge seen it all, from being built in around 53 AD to the bridge we cross today there has been murder, intrigue, collapse, fire and much more. The secrets and lies surrounding London Bridge will never be fully known but as you journey through The London Bridge Experience you will see some of these secrets and stories come to life from the Roman period through to modern times. However you look at it, this bridge has many a tale to tell let your journey start today…

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