Escape game Mystery Cube[Closed]

Company: Mystery Cube

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19 Deer Park Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 3UX ()

07486 101 523

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We are a top secret organization that investigates strange and mysterious cubic phenomena throughout space and time. So secret we can’t tell you our name. Because we don’t even have one. We cannot work alone. We need people with the right skills to help investigate this cube enigma. We cannot say too much about the interior of the Mystery Cube but you have a good chance of success if you are in a team of curious, observant people who enjoy lateral thinking and problem-solving.
When people enter the Mystery Cube its energy levels start to fluctuate and we can only keep it stable in space and time for one hour at a time. After that we cannot predict what will happen to the Mystery Cube – with you inside. Therefore you have only 60 minutes to complete your challenge inside the Mystery Cube and escape so good teamwork is essential.

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