Escape game Dr Ivanov’s Serum[Closed]

Company: Mind the Game

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5.0 / 5

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For centuries, people all around the world were trying to create the eternal life serum. A well-known scientist was working on a project in his secret laboratory with the aim of creating the most powerful vaccine ever. Dr Ivanov was teetering of the edge of completing his serum. It would endow mankind with eternal youth, immortality and everlasting happiness. But something went wrong…

Dr Ivanov, thought to be abducted, disappeared and the serum was left unfinished. In this state, this combination of chemicals was considered extremely dangerous and could lead to a biological disaster.

By solving puzzles, hints, and clues, you’re able to save the world and stop the serum from ending up in the wrong hands. This is a race against time that’s guaranteed to be immersive, entertaining and leave you in a state of awe.

Good luck! Your time is ticking…

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