Escape Kit Print + Cut + Escape: Humanity 2.0

Company: clueQuest

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5.0 / 5

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In Humanity 2.0, your mission is to help Mr Q and his team escape an army of mind-controlled sheep and locate Professor BlackSheep’s secret base. Intel suggests he has been working on a mysterious device, but his plans are as yet unknown. You must uncover the device’s secrets and put an end to the Professor’s dastardly scheme! The award-winning conclusion to the Alpha Brain saga, Humanity 2.0 takes the elements of the previous Print+Cut+Escape episodes and puts them all together for a nail-biting final episode. It was awarded the Bullseye Award for ‘Best Print-N-Cut Game’ and recommended as a must-play by ESCAPETHEROOMers. While it is best to play in sequence, Humanity 2.0 is self-contained and can be played without knowing the outcome of the previous episodes. The flow is smooth and engaging, optimising cutting time so you can get straight to the thick of the action.

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