Escape game Alpha Brain System

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Professor BlackSheep is developing a weapon called the Alpha Brain System, capable of hijacking humanity's brain power. Agent Crimson is moving further into The Cube to find it - will you help her?

Your mission begins where we left off at the end of Episode 1: Lisa Hammerschmidt - aka Agent Crimson - has been rescued from her prison in The Cube, and has briefed the agency on Professor BlackSheep’s evil plan. The Professor has been kidnapping the world’s top scientists and forcing them to build a system capable of hijacking humanity’s brain power, and turning the world’s citizens into sheep-like followers. Agent Crimson is moving into the heart of The Cube to locate this machine, known as Alpha Brain Systems, and free the kidnapped scientists. Some time ago we lost contact with her, and Agent Q and Lord Hammerschmidt are going in to find her. Your job is to direct them from Mission Control, to help them find Agent Crimson, and stop Professor BlackSheep in his tracks.


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