With actors A Curious Case at the Haunted Manor

Company: Houdini's Escape Room Experience

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

5+ reviews


Royale Leisure Park, Within Tenpin, London W3 0PA ()

0800 999 1996

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A Curious Case at the Haunted Manor is a surreal escape experience in which you must solve puzzles, find clues and collect items to find Lady Farringdon's last will and testament in order to gain access to her sizable fortune. Will you be the sole beneficiary or will you have to share?


Please note that this experience is a rewrite of the 'Lady Chastity's Reserve' experience with some slight changes. If you've done 'Lady Chastity's Reserve' experience in the past, you might not find 'A Curious Case at the Haunted Manor' challenging, but if it's you're playing it the first time, you will definitely enjoy the experience.

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