Escape game White Walker

Company: No1Escape

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5.0 / 5

4 reviews


18 Plumbers Row, London E1 1EP ()

073 9867 6587

Entry on Mulberry street

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Winter has come, the wall has fallen and the army of the dead are destroying everything in their path, they are already approaching the first kingdom of man. Mankind have nothing to do but to prepare for war – not for the throne, the crown, but for life itself. Will our children see the sunrise after the long night or will the winter swallow you forever? While armies of people gather all resources to stand against the OTHERS, our commander has prepared an elite unit of the bravest soldiers to fight against the White Walkers, you have 45 minutes to defeat them.

The White Walker escape room is authentically decorated and themed magic escape room with in period puzzles, the escape room is fully automated and fully immersive, use all your abilities to find the clues and solve the puzzles all within 45 minutes. If you want to make it harder then ask your game master to only give you clues when you ask for them, see if you have the ability to finish the escape room with no clues and join a very select group of people. Remember to succeed you need to look and see, you need to open your mind as well as your eyes to solve your quest.

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