Escape game The Darkest Hour

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89 Effra Rd, London SW2 1DF ()

020 7607 8706

The Effra Social

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Winston Churchill was a long standing member of the Effra Social Club. He spent many a day and evening there in his private lounge huddled away with leaders from the government and military. During WWII and throughout the Cold War, Churchill established secret command centres and nuclear facilities across London in case of an emergency nuclear situation or invasion by the Nazis. ​

These Top Secret facilities have been closed and the locations lost due to a fire in the headquarters of MI6. Recently, however, MI6 has intercepted communications from an unknown terrosist group where they claim to have discovered one of the command centres and we fear they may have activated a nuclear device, rigging it to blow and wipe London from existence. Your team has been sent to the Effra Social to investigate the location and try to determine if there is indeed an active device at the location. ​​

Time is of the essence as all teams before you have failed to identify the location accessed by the terrorists. Your mission is clear, assemble your specialist team and hurry to the location - The Darkest Hour is upon us. ​

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