Escape game MindCrime - The Memory Thief[Closed]

Company: ClueTrace


73-75 Shacklewell Lane London, E8 2EB ()


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Do you have what it takes to enter the mind of a white-collar criminal? Your team is a specialist group of thought thieves who must break into the mind of a master criminal. You’ll be sent on an exhilarating mission to search his mind.

Your adventures are just beginning. Somewhere, deep within his memory, there is a secret code. This code is critical for your success. You’ll face puzzles, challenges and mysteries you’ve never seen before. Time is your enemy. The clock is ticking. Your task is to complete your mission and get out – before time runs out!

Come and play at ClueTrace and explore the thrilling new world of live escape games. We guarantee you an adventure packed with fun, excitement, challenge and mystery.

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