Escape Kit The Chemist’s Conundrum

Company: Epic Escapes



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You are a group of the world’s top chemists, but your careers have ground to a halt.

Recently you’ve noticed a consistent stream of ground breaking research papers from a man known as Dr Vincent MacAlastair.

Intrigued, you applied to work alongside MacAlastair and successfully made it to the interview stage!

There’s only one issue… Dr MacAlastair is reportedly completely mad.

When you arrive at the interview you’re bustled into a room with the group you’re in now.

Dr MacAlastair says a few introductory words, and then excuses himself to go to the toilet.

As he exits you hear the slam of the door, a cry of “read the letter with a circle” and then silence disturbed only by a slight hissing.

Can you solve the puzzles left for you by Dr MacAlastair to escape the room in time and win the job?
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