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CRIME is the first brainteaser in the Epic Escapes Escape Room in a Box (3-in-1) trilogy.

The plot goes a little something like this…

“You’re sitting in a friend’s living room, biding your time, watching TV. It’s dark and wet outside, the rain hammering against the windowsill. Eventually, you hear a stern knock at the door. Your friend has keys, though, so you wonder who it is…

Once you tentatively draw the door open, you realise that all is now as it seems. Your friend? Someone is searching for them, and you’ll be collateral if you don’t escape immediately. In the ensuing scuffle, you find yourself in your friend’s panic room, but you cannot remain in there forever.

Can you escape before the oxygen runs out?!”

CRIME is the first game in the Epic Escapes Escape Room in a Box (3-in-1). It’s our easiest escape room, designed for escape room newbies and beginners. However, don’t be tricked into thinking that it’s a pushover, because it isn’t!

Like all Epic Escapes escape rooms, CRIME comes with everything you need to get cracking immediately.

Our escape rooms combine awesome plots with high-quality reusable puzzles - you can use our escape rooms time after time, enjoying them with other family and friends, etc. This opens up a ton of opportunities. You can create a fun leaderboard and challenge people to beat your times, or you can take your escape rooms with you on holiday or when travelling.

Epic Escapes design high-quality, reusable and thoughtful escape rooms that are suitable for all the family (child supervision required). Whilst some of the themes are a little dark and sinister, there is no adult or explicit content.

You can take them as seriously or as light-hearted as you want to. You can even wear a disguise or dress up in fancy dress!

Come and test your wits against our escape room CRIME!
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