Escape game JM's Office

Company: Hint Hunt

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

3 reviews


72 Eversholt St Kings Cross, London NW1 1BY ()

+44 20 3689 3188

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Exit the Room: the real escape game. New online escape rooms for up to 6 players. 50% off. 100% COVID-proof.


One of Hint Hunt’s private detectives needs you to escape a scary situation in this live game: a dead body found in his own room made him the main suspect of this murder. Hints suggest he’s innocent though and with you on his side there’s no need to panic, right? Investigate the mysterious scene with your loved one, colleagues or family and convince the police with the evidence you manage to find in an hour, or else you’ll also stay under lock and key as his partner in crime.

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