Escape game Alice in Wonderland

Company: Grand Escape

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4.7 / 5

3 reviews


96 Broad St Birmingham B15 1AU ()


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Immerse yourself into the mind-bending fantasy of Alice in Wonderland! Watch the events unfold to help you solve Wonderland’s enigma and break free to reality!

As you arrive at your friend’s great-grandfather’s house for her highly anticipated party, you notice something suspicious. You have been greeted by a soulless and secluded 19th century house.

The artefacts look all too familiar, and the mystery begins to unfold in front of your eyes – you are trapped in the abandoned writing room of Lewis Carroll.

Where is everybody? What happened to the party? More importantly, were Lewis’s infamous characters only fiction or are they lurking in the depths of this eerily quiet house? Curiouser and curiouser.

Take a trip down the rabbit hole and use the riddles, clues and conundrums to find the secret scroll that will set you free or risk being lost in the abyss of Wonderland forever – OFF WITH HIS HEAD!

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