Escape game Dawn of Hell

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This is the last hour for us. The demon king Amaymon is coming, the world as we know will seize to exist once and for all. I can hear his steps, bringing darkness and devastation. As a cold breeze his breath caresses my skin. He is the son of the evil, he feasts on our fear. His power is beyond anything we have ever seen.
There is one last thing that stands between his world and ours. Human sacrifice .

The black sun cult has dedicated their lives to open the gate for him, his awakening was the only thing they lived for. Now they are dead, consumed by the demon`s power.

It is on us now, here we are, trapped in their temple. There is a clock on the wall just started counting.

60 minutes…

I guess that`s how long we`ve got left to live…

I can see the timer is wired to a device by the ventilation system. They are going to poison us, to give Amaymon the human sacrifice.

We have got to escape, for the sake of all humanity.
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