Escape game The Case of the Missing Gun

Company: Paradox Parlours Escape Rooms

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Jeffries Passage Guildford GU1 4AP ()

+44 1483 567607

From North Street, Jeffries passage is just past the Library on the right as you walk uphill. From the top of the high street (near Sainsburys), Jeffries Passage is next to Jacks of London on the left side as you walk uphill.

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Vince Baxter, New York's infamous crime boss, is on trial for the murder of Roxanne's brother, Stanley Steele and with only an hour left in the case, the prosecution really need Larry's evidence to finally convince the judge of Vince's guilt. The only problem is that Private Investigator Larry Maxwell is unconscious in hospital, caused by a mysterious 'accident' yesterday.

Only Larry knows the whereabouts of the gun that ties Vince to the murder.

Can you find the missing evidence to send Vince down?

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