Escape game Wizards of Time

Company: The Great Escape


St James House, Vicar Lane, Sheffield, S1 2EX. ()

0330 088 3032

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Experience the magic like never before in this spellbinding, live-action, game which transports you and your team of trainee wizards into an unimaginable world of extreme possibilities. After choosing your motion-triggered wand, you’ll go through The Wizarding School, learning basic and advanced spells which you’ll have to perform to perfection in order to control time and alter the fate of the world.

The magical realm is filled with characters to meet, each one rich with backstory and plenty to tell you. Your game will change course depending on which allies and enemies you make along the way. With multiple different possible endings, you won’t be short of exploring the entire realm and facing the various boss battles ready to stop you in your path. Wizards of Time makes you the main character, leading your very own quest. Not only will you choose the allies to partner with but you’ll also be involved in the various conflicts which will undoubtedly rise against you.

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