Escape game The Treasure of Green Beard

Company: Cryptic Escape


Augustine Steward House, 14 Tombland, Norwich NR3 1HF ()

01603 572213

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Ye landlubbers be finding yerselves in a tight spot here. The infamous and bloodthirsty pirate Greenbeard has ye trapped, just where he wants ye. He'll be back in an hour, and cursed be the one who has to face his terrible wrath...

They say he's more devil than man, and that he sold his tawdry soul as a downpayment for his beloved frigate- a floating hell he christened 'The Really Bad Egg'. They say he did sail that boat to Kingston, where he sacked the whole city's supply of rum and stole away the Governor's daughter, using only a rabid parrot for a cutlass. They even say he once keelhauled his own dear mother, just for telling him to wash his moulderin' facial hair once in a while...

Ye unlucky lot o' shark bait have but one chance to keep yer gizzards. According to some old fishwives' tales, Greenbeard draws his terrible strength from an old Aztec amulet, a piece of the damned hoard of El Dorado. Find the source of Greenbeard's power and escape his lair before yer time runs out, and ye might just save yer hides. Should ye fail though, well- best batten down the hatches and say yer prayers, cause there be no going back now...

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