Escape game Magic School

Company: Cryptic Escape


Augustine Steward House, 14 Tombland, Norwich NR3 1HF ()

01603 572213

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Professor Bumble is the most feared and respected master in Roselania School of Witchcraft and Magic. He is very strict, and an example of his harshness, was when a student mixed the wrong potions and turned herself into a toad. Professor said she deserved it, so he left poor Alexa hopping around the class for the whole lesson, before finally turning her back to normal.

You and your friends were in his potions class passing notes to each other, about how exciting the upcoming sports day is going to be. You all would be racing for your houses on that day and have even placed bets on whose house would win. Professor Bumble had seen you just as you were receiving a note and punished you by confiscating your broom. You can’t compete without your broom; and your whole house is looking up to you to win the race.

You and your friends, must sneak into Professor Bumble’s office during a staff meeting, and retrieve your broom. The office is filled with magical spells and conundrums that you must solve and overcome in order to successfully complete your mission swiftly and unnoticed.

If you fail, and do not compete on sports day, you would be the laughing stock of the school and your house would be disappointed in you. However, if you succeed, you’ve just outsmarted the most feared master in the school, and have a shot at being the most popular person in school, by winning that race on game day.

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