With actors Creepy Carnival

Company: Houdini's Escape Room Experience


1 Grafton Gate, Milton Keynes MK9 1AH ()

0800 999 1996

Within Tenpin

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You have heard rumors of an abandoned carnival which closed down abruptly after a couple of teenagers went missing. The site has been boarded-up for over a decade and nothing more was heard. Recently, locals have reported lights and sounds coming from the carnival site every night between 11pm and Midnight. When police were called to investigate, no trace of life could be found. Being the inquisitive fellows that you are, you thought you might take a look around.

You arrive just before 11pm. As you do, the lights flicker on and music begins to play. The gates slam shut behind you.

Can you discover what happened to the missing teenagers and escape the Creepy Carnival before you too are lost forever?

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