Outdoor Captcha Code Outdoor

Company: The Escapement


Unit 2, Retort House, Albion St, Broadstairs CT10 1NE ()

01843 44 99 08

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The Captcha Code is the first of its kind. An original game that hybrids treasure hunt and escape room, exploring the quaint seaside town of Broadstairs. ​

You play the role of undercover agents who must complete an important mission. Report to base for your mission briefing and then figure out how to save the world. Visit hidden locations, interact with local business allies and uncover the towns vast history. ​​

Solve unique puzzles around the town and watch as your surroundings come to life. We'll equip you with a custom-built, handheld spy device, a bag of tools and a map. Your adventure is self-guided, with agents on hand if you need any help.

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