Escape game Motel[Closed]

Company: Trapp'd

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12 Prince's St Stockport SK1 1SE ()

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You've been driving for what seems like an eternity and your pupils are burning through their sockets. The dark, winding road just never ends and it feels like you are the only person left on the planet right now. You can't even remember when you last passed another car. A sign for a Motel creeps up to you and passes by, the classic red neon tube lighting. Beneath it, 'vacancy' reads in blue and you decide to pull in and call it a night.

Judging by the exterior, this Motel has definitely seen better days. The drain pipes are half hanging down, the paint is faded and peeling and the 'check in' sign has toppled a little too far to the right. Entering into reception doesn't make you feel any more welcome. A peculiar little man hobbles slowly from behind a doorway and stands at the reception desk. He does nothing more than put a form on the desk and a front door key next to it. This character has a very strange presence about him almost sinister. He does not look you in the eye throughout the entire exchange.

After hastily making your way back outside the reception area you find your way to room 666, thankful to get into the room and finally chill out after a long day of driving. This room is not much better than the exterior. A single, messily made bed sits against a wall. An old school TV seems to be on permanent static and a locked, ominous looking wardrobe stands tall in the corner, who would lock a wardrobe? Not to mention the bars on the window! Too tired to kick up a fuss, you shake off the uneasy feeling and try to relax. A bit of exploration and you find a DVD in one of the drawers. With not much else to do, you decide to play it but what begins to unfold on the screen chills you to your very core.

A dawning realisation creeps over you, you've just checked into a Motel where guests never check back out. You may be about to endure a night of terror at the hands of the sadistic Motel manager. You must do everything you can to ensure you don't end up on the slaughter table inside his gruesome torture chamber. If only it was as easy as leaving through the same door you entered.

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