Escape game Treasure Hunter[Closed]

Company: Lockin Escape

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5.0 / 5

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19-21 George Street, Manchester M1 4HE UK ()

07775 066788

2nd Floor. Located in China Town, upstairs of Hunan Restaurant on George Street. You need to go through the restaurant to access the staircase to arrive at Lockin Escape Game.

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Le Espoir is the world’s most valuable piece of jeweling. This magnificent diamond necklace, unknown to others, is said to have mysterious power that could change the fate of the world. Reliable sources have disclosed that a number of top criminal enterprises have plotted to steal this jewel. Concerned for the future of the country, the State has teamed you up with a group of treasure hunting talents to steal this extraordinary necklace before it’s too late.

Your mission is to break into the chamber where Le Espoir is and to decode the series of high-security systems guarding the jewel to find the greatest treasure in history. The security cameras are now temporarily disabled. Would you and your team be able to accomplish your mission within 60 minutes?

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