Escape game W.I.N.I.F.R.E.D

Company: TimeLock'd


Unit M5 Kent Kraft Industrial Estate Northfleet DA11 9SR GB, Northfleet, Gravesend DA11 9SR ()

01322 427232

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The year is 2198. Technology has advanced at such a rate that deep space travel for minerals, food and expansion of knowledge is both the 'norm' and essential for the survival of the human race. Since 2076, accidents and newly found disease in the cosmos brought earth to the brink of extinction when exploring ships returned. This brought in the strictest containment clause. If a contaminant of any kind was found on any space vessel, the fail safe is to detonate the craft and destroy all contents and crew. You are the engineers on board the Wyvern class mining vehicle BA DENGINE. You have been alerted that the ships WINIFRED system has detected a contaminant of unknown origin and has started her countdown. You have one hour to prevent WINIFRED's detonation......

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