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HIJACK is the hardest escape room in the Epic Escapes trilogy. Escape room veterans and victors of our other two escape rooms CRIME and PIRACY - it’s time to step up!

The plot goes something like this:

“You’re part of an elite intelligence unit. Your role? The codebreaker.

You’ve received an anonymous tip-off about a potential plane hijacking and follow the coordinates to a dilapidated suburban house. The interior is like nothing you’ve ever seen before...its dark atmosphere is unnerving, to say the least.

As you search the darkness, you fall through a trapdoor. This is the lion’s den...the hijacker’s control centre.

A quick survey of the evidence verifies a hijacking plot in progress. There are various codes to decipher - doing so will prevent the hijacking.

The only issue? The timer has already begun counting down - there is no time to waste!”

HIJACK is a tough one, it’ll test the wits of battle-hardened escape room veterans. Those who’ve passed CRIME and PIRACY will relish the challenge.

As always, Epic Escapes have included high-quality reusable puzzles and necessary consumables - you can play this escape room over and over again. If you do get stuck then do not fear, we’ve included a series of optional clue cards to assist.

Epic Escapes escape rooms are perfect for family fun, parties and other events like dinner parties. They really mix things up from standard board games - they’re totally different, impressively immersive, exciting and thrilling.

Whilst some of the themes are a little dark and sinister, there is no adult or explicit content. Kids are perfectly welcome to play (adult supervision required) - you might be surprised by how they can outwit the adults!

HIJACK is the hardest escape room in the Epic Escapes Escape Room in a Box (3-in-1).

Come and test your mettle against the hardest escape room in the Escape Room in a Box (3-in-1)!
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