Escape game The Ghost of Mary Queen of Scots

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Mary Queen of Scots led a dramatic, bloody life saturated in murder, deceit and treachery.
Throughout her life Mary was repeatedly deceived by a group of immoral Scottish Nobles. So ruthless were their acts they even murdered her best friend David Rizzio, by stabbing him over 50 times as she watched helplessly.
Towards the end of her life she sought refuge, trusting in her cousin Queen Elizabeth I. She was lured to her death, as Elizabeth coldly ordered her execution. Mary met her tragic end, beheaded by three gruesome strikes of a blunt axe.
The brutality of Mary’s life gave rise to a vengeful spirit. Following countless unexplained deaths, authorities closed Sandyford Castle and erased its existence from history. The haunted castle has lay derelict and abandoned for centuries.
You are part of a group of spiritual mediums who are determined to uncover the secrets of Mary’s life. You have ignored all warnings and remain resolute in your determination to lay her malefic ghost to rest. Will you succeed, or will you become another victim of the castle?

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