Escape game Stuck in the ’90s

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This morning, Blade Heart’s girlfriend Lola Chains made a chilling discovery by finding Blade dead in his studio…
The 90s was an epic era of boybands, bleached hair, Kappa tracksuits and the Macarena. Whilst most of us happily moved into the noughties and modern life, pop legend Blade Heart struggled to leave his glory days behind. Blade was lead singer of the infamous ‘Hearts Desire’ one of the most beloved boybands of the 90s. Sadly, he never recovered from the break up of the band, and continued chasing the dream of one day returning to fame. His studio was a reflection of his sad life, immersed in outdated belongings from the 1990s.
Sleazegenix Music Productions recently announced dropping Blade from their record label, resulting in a very public fallout. Despite this, Sleazegenix retained the rights to all of Blade’s music in the event of his death.
Daemon Powell, the owner of Sleazegenix fears that he is the prime suspect and will be arrested the moment the death is revealed. You are part of a private detective agency that has been hired by Daemon to find out how Blade died. It won’t be easy as Blade had amassed a huge number of enemies throughout his career including ex boyband mate Steel, Rapper Big EZ, and Ibiza DJ VanDer Bass.
You must act quickly to determine the truth before Blades death is revealed to the police.

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