Escape game Magician’s Heist

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Most have heard of David Copperfield and some know of Doug Henning but very few people know the closely guarded secret of Gizmo the Great, the Master Magician of the 1970s.
Every great magician has a special creative spark, which they use to develop the most awe inspiring illusions. For those who lack creativity, these secrets can be acquired at a hefty price through the black magic market.
You are part of an aspiring team of magicians that sadly lack any imagination, and possess even less money. Fortunately, you discovered the secret of Gizmo the Great and came by some elusive intel detailing his home address. You’ve also managed to confirm that his infamous ‘Book of Tricks’ is secured somewhere within.
The Magic Circle is hosting an exclusive event that Gizmo is attending. You have a maximum of one hour to infiltrate his home and steal his Book of Tricks, allowing you to become the greatest magic troupe of all time.

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