Escape game The Secret Clubhouse

Company: Cambridge Escape Rooms


Cherry Hinton Rd, Cambridge CB1 8DH ()


Lincoln House <br>The Paddocks Business Centre

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Jan Tleskac was an apprentice locksmith who claimed to have invented a flying bicycle. He met his death in mysterious circumstances, falling from the tower of St Jacob’s church. After his death, a young boy stumbled across a suitcase containing Tleskac’s diary and a mysterious puzzle which Tleskac called “The Hedgehog in the Cage”. The boy and his friends hid the puzzle in their clubhouse where they received a visit from a masked man claiming to be the rightful owner of the puzzle. Fearful, the boys abandoned the clubhouse. Years later, the suitcase is rediscovered, by you! The mysterious puzzle is missing but there are directions leading you to the clubhouse.

Could Tleskac really have invented a flying bicycle? You and your team have one hour to find the mysterious puzzle and the secret it hides before the masked man returns.


This game contains strobe lighting.

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