Escape game Heaven & Hell

Company: Cambridge Escape Rooms

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5.0 / 5

3 reviews


Cherry Hinton Rd, Cambridge CB1 8DH ()


Lincoln House <br>The Paddocks Business Centre

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Ever wondered what happens after you die? Does heaven exist? What if you're sent to hell? As mere mortals, we do not have the answers to these questions. However today you have the opportunity to find out. You are about to enter a state of hibernation. This will last for one hour and give you the chance to explore the other side of life.

After your adventure, you will use a defibrillator so that you can return to life as we know it. However please bear in mind the defibrillator only works for one hour! If you do not find it in time, you may be stuck in hell forever! It could also be heaven, but in this case, it's nearly the same thing...


This game features a smoke machine.

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