Escape game Seance

Company: Riddlr Escape Rooms

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103 Regents Street, Kingswood, Bristol. BS158LJ ()


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Will you perform a Séance at 13 Paper street? The eminent paranormal investigator Clarissa Stubbs disappeared last year while exploring an abandoned house known for paranormal activity. When retracing her footsteps and attempting to discover what happened, you and your team awaken the same foul phantoms as she did that fateful night. Can you make your escape or will you join Clarissa on the long list of forgotten souls who were foolish enough to venture into the crooked old house on Paper Street?


IMPORTANT: Please be aware that this room is designed to be a frightening experience. Within this room, you may find religious imagery and iconography which some may find offensive.
WARNING: This room contains flashing lights which may affect those with photosensitivity.

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