Escape game Zombie Apocalypse

Company: Riddlr Escape Rooms

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5.0 / 5

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103 Regents Street, Kingswood, Bristol. BS158LJ ()


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You are about to enter a secret research facility. Three days ago we lost contact with Doctor Veronika Ivanov and her research team. Your specialist group of operatives has been drafted in to secure the site and find out what happened to Ivanov and her team.

You must be careful. The top-secret research here was focussed on specific genetic mutations and it is possible that the site may be contaminated. If you make direct contact with Ivanov or her team, do not engage them. They may be infected!

Due to the nature of the research and the risk of outbreak you have only one hour to complete your initial site survey and secure the facility.


IMPORTANT: There are no live actors in the game. The Zombie apocalypse experience is not designed to be a scary experience.

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