Escape game The Watcher

Company: XScream Escapes


Enterprise House, Ashford Rd, Ashford TW15 1XG ()

01784 605 487

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Social media fills the lives of the modern human-race; desperate for likes from friends and strangers alike. But what happens when people take for granted the simpler things in life?

Followers, fame, and fortune displeases “The Watcher”. Perhaps, a troubled childhood brought on this phychopathic rampage to those with a better life online. All that is known is this rampage has no signs of stopping, with more missing people reported nationwide.

After being kidnapped and blindfolded in what was a disused warehouse; things take a turn for the worst for you and your friends. “The Watcher” has struck again and demands your groups’ repentance. Will you be able to complete the trials that are set by “The Watcher”?

Remember, escaping is just the beginning…

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