Escape game Block 29

Company: XScream Escapes


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Betty and William King; together by name, separated in Bedlam Asylum.

The husband and wife were admitted to Bedlam as the corporation decided to experiment on their minds using breakthrough unexperimented science known as ‘duality’. The experiment aimed to erase the memories of the couple to forget they even existed. This would clear their name within the industry and the press to make patients unstable enough to warrant their arrival to the asylum.

The trial has three stages; Isolation, Treatment, Destabilisation. The first stage happened on arrival to the Asylum. On entry, both Betty and William were put in different cells opposite each other in block 29, a solitary block unknown to any records. It was supervised by four guards patrolling the block. Communication was limited to the flaps on the doors which the guards used to deliver their rationed food. Treatment was a raging success, and Betty and William were announced clinically unstable after the destabilisation process. They inhabited the asylum for the rest of their lives, separated.

The asylum grew in popularity as their trust heightened, and now you find yourself in the same position as the unfortunate couple. With stage one of the experiment nearly complete, it seems as though the guards are preparing for stage two of your treatment. However, you notice that the previous inhabitants of the cells have been creating a method to escape before the experiment truly begins.

With one hour before treatment, can you escape the asylum; or will duality truly keep your soul in the walls of this eerie place.

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