Escape game Rogue 171: A Space Mission

Company: The Locked Door Escape Games


171 Hardgate Aberdeen AB11 6YB ()

07498 660 834

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“This is mission control: an unexpected problem has been detected on your ship, be careful the situation is extremely dangero……”

You are aboard spaceship 171, moving through time and space, working on a mission to explore newly-found wormholes and report your findings back to Earth. Most of the operations are controlled by ‘KLAUS’, an onboard humanoid computer, however, your team have been facing problems with systems on the ship failing. You receive a message from Mission Control advising that the KLAUS computer has gone rogue and must be deactivated before he shuts down the whole ship! Your aim is to shut down the computer, fix the ship and relaunch into space.

You have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and launch the ship!



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