Escape game The Quarantine Zone

Company: The Locked Door Escape Games


171 Hardgate Aberdeen AB11 6YB ()

07498 660 834

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“If anyone can hear this… If anyone can hear this… If there is anyone out there who remains uninfected… A number of safe-zones have been established… Please gather inside your nearest safe-bunker… The Quarantine Zone remains extremely dangerous… Be careful… Safety awaits…”

A terrifying pandemic is ravaging the UK - riots and destruction have spread across the cities as civilisation tries to escape the virus and fight-back against the infected monsters. The military have quarantined off the worst areas in an attempt to contain the virus but new areas are joining the Quarantine Zone every day. Your life in Aberdeen has been thrown into chaos and you’re forced to flee your home and survive on your wits.

In the time that follows the outbreak, most of civilisation has been destroyed by the infection. Power is failing and the city is falling into ruins. Just as you have begun to give up hope you hear the emergency broadcast and start to navigate your way across the zombie-infested Aberdeen city – only one last hurdle remains – activate the emergency generator, access the bunker and escape before the zombies close in!



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