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The Paradox Diamond has been stolen from the New York City Museum. Private Investigator Larry Maxwell is on the case but he needs your help. Can you catch the thief red-handed in this 'print and play' game?
Handcrafted with beautiful illustrations and a wide variety of puzzles providing around 2.5 hours of content and includes offline and online puzzle elements. Being 'print and play' means that you can play the game at home instantly. All you need is a computer, a colour printer, some scissors and a pencil.


The game is split into 5 parts, and your progress is saved between parts, so you don't have to play it all at once, unless you want to of course! It's designed for adults but that doesn't mean junior detectives can't take on the challenge. The game content is suitable for all ages and the difficulty is recommended for ages 8+ with some adult assistance.
Play as a team or take on the case as a lone detective. The choice is yours.

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