Escape game The Brig

Company: Live Escape Salisbury


49c Castle Street, Salisbury, SP1 3SP ()

+44 7917701797

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Play The Brig escape room in Salisbury at our 14th century venue in The Cross Keys. This game can be played on its own with up to 5 players or as part of a versus escape experience for 4-11 people.

Captured by the East India Trading Company you and your pirate crew have been chained up and locked in the brig of their galleon, anchored in Salisbury Docks.

When the King’s men arrive you and your crew will face the executioner.

Use your collective cunning to escape your floating prison and reclaim your treasure (currently being plundered at The Plume of Feathers Inn).


As a captured pirate be aware you will be chained up in this game.

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