Escape game Pieces of Eight

Company: Live Escape Salisbury


49c Castle Street, Salisbury, SP1 3SP ()

+44 7917701797

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Rumoured to be dead, Captain Bartholomew and his crew have been captured alive by the East India Trading Company and are being held in the brig of a ship moored at Salisbury Docks.

With the King’s men an hour away, and nobody watching Bartholomew’s treasure (held at The Plume of Feathers Inn) an ideal opportunity awaits to open the chests and liberate the loot before anyone figures out what’s happened.

You will have the use of our beautiful pirate tavern here at Live Escape Rooms Salisbury to see if you can solve your way through three pirate chests.

This time you will be up against the clock but all in one spot, focussed on the puzzles in front of you at the captain’s table.

Hidden mechanisms, cool props, plenty of puzzles plus you can purchase a glass of ale or wine to sip for while you play.

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