Escape game Abigail

Company: Trapp'd


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As you stumble through the doorway of Hallow's house a gust of cold air hits you. Your eyes adjust as you look through the dark, foreboding room. The floorboards creak as you and the rest of your team carefully walk through the rickety, unstable hallway noting the thick layers of dust consuming everything when you suddenly see something in your peripheral vision. A doll, disturbingly beautiful yet creepy and untouched. You try to look away but her eyes follow you wherever you go. You leave the intimidating doll behind feeling her gaze burn the back of your head, and carry on through the derelict corridors. You swallow the feeling of immense fear at the back of your throat and push through the terror pulsing through your body. “You've done this so many times before...this is what you do you mutter to yourself as you continue to find your team.

The shadows that pour over the furniture make the huge mansion look so incredibly empty. You start to remember the history, the stories. The first tragic story documented was of the beautiful Abigail. An innocent little girl whose life was stolen by her cruel, abusive parents who locked her away in her bedroom for years. Tragically she was taken by the flames of a blazing fire, burnt and alone. Some say they still see a little girl walking the hallways of the huge house. Since Abigail's death in the early 1940s, there has been a terrifying amount of disappearances and accidents within the walls, including death. The most recent event being a group of teenagers who were thought to have entered as a dare but none have been seen since 4 nights ago.

You and your leading paranormal investigative team start to set up equipment throughout the house, taking one abandoned room at a time. Hours passed as you attempt to contact any lingering spirits. With no luck, until a deafening scream echoes through the emptiness of the house. You run to see but as soon as you turn the corner, there he is, your best cameraman suspended mid-air, screaming with no more noise coming out. Eyes so wide with terror before his lifeless body drops to the floor. The sound of his screams still echoing through the house. Tears burn your eyes as you run to get your phone to call someone and the door slams behind you leaving you and your surviving teammates locked in with no way out.

You have to be logical, keep a cool head. You've dealt with unhappy spirits before, but something just doesn't feel right. Something more sinister is in play now. One step forward and you freeze. There it is, there's that doll. Realisation sets in Abigail?

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