Escape game Spellbound

Company: Trapp'd


Higham Rd, Irchester, Wellingborough NN29 7EZ ()

01933 429333

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In a time when the local villagers were convinced that witches held sway over these woods, stories of possession, hauntings, and madness ran rampant. Now, it is widely believed that the spirits of those cursed souls still linger in this forest. Among them, the infamous Marjorie Sutton stands out, said to appear at the stroke of midnight, in her long-abandoned home nestled deep within the woods.

Though you’ve always been sceptical of superstitions, Marjorie’s tale has piqued your curiosity, and an unshakable feeling draws you toward uncovering the mysteries of Chester House and its witches. Before you know it, you and your friends are on a journey to spend a night in the very cabin that was once Marjorie’s abode.

As the night descends, you quickly realise that the age-old legends hold an element of truth, and you too have fallen under their spell. With a mere 60 minutes until the witching hour reaches its peak, your mission is clear: locate and destroy the accursed book, escape the cabin, and never look back, lest your soul becomes ensnared, and you find yourself forever TRAPP’D within the cursed forest!

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