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They say humans have inhabited earth for thousands of years. They are wrong. Humans have slowly been destroying earth for thousands of years, exhausting this once peaceful planet and everything that lived in harmony with it. 50 years ago, the predictions were publicised, earth would be in ruin and extinction would close in on us. But no one took notice. A blind eye cast towards the 'experts' and our trends continued. Overpopulation, nuclear atomic wars, engineered disease. All very real threats we regret to ignore. So wrapped up in universal destruction; deforestation caused by agriculture, driving catastrophic climate change and ultimately, global warming were the cause of our debilitation. Things we were subconsciously aware of but chose to ignore. We chose to destroy our beautiful home and now, the reckoning is upon us.

As you gaze out of the window across the desolate badlands, the skies burn a flaming blend of exquisite reds. The ground beneath you has completely shattered from the shrunken ozone layer. Long, connected fractures creep out for as far as the eye can see. The vivid green trees and lush, spongey grass seems but a fading memory now. It is a mystery to you, how this once thriving ecosystem can be the object of such an injurious holocaust. It has a kind of exclusive beauty about it you wonder how it could simultaneously be so deadly.

Your brows furrow in concerned frustration at the planetary cataclysm your kind has managed to provoke. The second chance you are about to retrieve feels undeserved. There is talk of a Tetrahedron concealed within the landscape on planet Mars. You and your team of NASA scientists have been studying it for a copious amount of lengthy years and believe it may have the ability to reverse cataclysmic climate change with the help of supernatural geoengineering. It's a long shot, but it's the only option.

All suited up and strapped in, you sit nervously in the launch shuttle and ponder possibilities. Your mission is clear; obtain the Tetrahedron and fire it back to earth where the other scientists will begin initiation. A countdown begins on the screen in front of you and the shuttle begins hum and shake. You take a deep breath and implore the adrenaline to keep you going. No one has any idea of what to expect. Very few people have been to Mars before and there isn't exactly an instruction manual. Initiative and logic will be your biggest assets from here on out… the future of humankind depends completely on you!

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