Escape game The Da Vinci Room

Company: Escape Newcastle

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Citibase, 12 Mosley St, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1DE ()

07876 203 975

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The Da Vinci Room will see you take on the role of thief, but for the greater good. Dr John Albright has studied the workings of Da Vinci in great detail. He has amassed a considerable collection over the years, including what many believe to be the Holy Grail. Having gained his trust by helping him "aquire" items over the years, you have access to areas of his home and knowledge of his security that no-one else does. You've been paid well for your services over the years, but you've always felt that an item of the importance of the Holy Grail should be on display for everyone. The professor is away and now is your chance. Get in the room, grab the grail and get out. It should be easy! "The Da Vinci Room" is a live escape game with a twist, you need to get an item out of the room as well as you! The setting is a beautiful old study, lot's of artwork, certificates and various vintage items. Ranging from typewriters to pianos! Primarily focusing on code-breaking, symbolism and association problems "The Da Vinci Room" will offer an interesting challenge for new and returning players alike.

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