Escape game Devil's Gate

Company: Adrenaline Escape


The Trafford Centre, Trafford Park, Stretford, Manchester M17 8AA ()

0161 507 3717

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The Archangel of The Abyss, Abaddon, has risen from the realm of the dead and returned to a mortal body. The void between Earth and The Abyss has been breached, and the gates of Hell are open.

As a team of Demonologists, you have experienced satanic behaviour before, but nothing can prepare you for what you are about to attempt.

Nadine Crease-Peal, born and raised in the Crease family manor, was always in her half-siblings’ shadow. Nadine, driven by her jealousy of the Peal family, traded everything to become successful. In her greed she sought help from the Devil himself and stole the Peal family business, leaving her siblings dead. Being consumed by her will to be all powerful, she ignored her deal with Satan and her debts and sacrifices went unpaid. Satan has sent his trusted servant Abaddon to recoup the debt owed by her as well as all human debt for the last 1000 years! Abaddon has attached himself to Nadine by means of possession and now walks among us.

You must close the portal to Hell by illuminating the altar of Abaddon using the statues. The statues were already collected and brought to the manor, only to be stolen by the possessed Nadine in order to prevent the closure.

Only the brave should enter here. With the possessed Nadine on the loose and time running out, we turn to you to save humanity. Find the 5 sacred statues and light the alter of Abaddon to seal him away from the living. Close the gates of Hell and seal The Abyss before times runs out.

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