Escape game Reverse The Curse[Closed]

Company: Clue Finders

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12, King Edward Industrial Estate Gibraltar Row Liverpool L3 7HJ ()

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In an ancient tomb, buried deep below the sand lies the tomb of Menkaure. Locals believed that the tomb was cursed and if any mortal dared to enter, the gods themselves would awaken to unleash terror on those who had disturbed them.

For years many daring explorers and grave robbers alike tried in vain to unearth the secrets of the long lost tomb. None had ever returned…Until now. The souls of the gods have been removed from their resting places and have been released to wreak havoc on those who have wronged them!

Now YOU will join the Medjay and stand face to face with the gods. You must pass their tests and prove yourselves worthy by returning their souls to slumber. Fail, and all of Egypt will be doomed for all eternity!

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