Escape game The Gateway

Company: Escapologic


2b St Martins Leicester LE1 5DB ()

0116 4161 166

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Close the gateway to another world of evil.

Since the late 1970’s a house on a small suburban street in Leicester has remained abandoned. The previous tenants, a family of three, disappeared without a trace.

Rumours quickly spread around the area, had they run away? Been murdered? Or perhaps something even more sinister had taken place?

The authorities could find no evidence of any wrongdoing but officers investigating the disappearance claimed the house gave off a dark energy and that they could not stay in there for longer than an hour.

Little did they know that hidden somewhere in the house is a portal to another dimension. A dimension of pure evil.

Now, over 40 years later, the same thing has happened again. A team of paranormal investigators known as S.P.R.I.G. (Supernatural and Paranormal Research and Investigation Group) disappeared while looking into the property and trying to find a way to close the portal.

As new members of S.P.R.I.G. it is up to you and your team to enter the house and finish the job of the previous team.

Upon entering you are locked inside and now time is running out! Solve the puzzles and find the gateway before its guardian, the eerie entity known only as Mr. Moon, gets to you.

The Gateway is the fourth puzzle room at Escapologic Leicester. Entering the abandoned house you will immediately feel like you have stepped inside a classic supernatural horror film in the same vein as The Exorcist or The Conjuring series. Mr Moon joins the ranks of Escapologic’s original horror icons, The Butcher and Howie the clown and is a horrific combination of the Slender Man and the Cenobite Pinhead (Hellraiser).

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