Escape game Hostel

Company: Escape Reality


41 St Matthews Way Leicester, LE1 2BU ()

0116 319 4567

for SatNavs, use LE1 2AA

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In the middle of an isolated area there lies a seemingly peaceful Hostel, visited by travellers from all over the world. Several months has been spent travelling across Europe and it is coming to the end of your trip. After a long walk between two isolated towns, with darkness slowly creeping in, you realise that you are all lost. Luckily, you come across this hostel whilst looking for somewhere to stay for the night. Once inside the Hostel you realise that there is nobody to be seen, the reception area is empty.

After exploring the reception area, you begin to feel uneasy about the situation and as you go to exit the building you realise that the door is locked, trapping you inside. You have no choice but to stay here for the night. Is all as innocent as it first seemed?

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